Soumi Roy

Guess what!!! I am an engineer and I work in an IT company. I bet you haven’t heard that before.
Life has it’s own way of doing things. People who works in an IT company, never really wanted to. But somehow they land there. I for once never ever in my life imagined to be a part of any IT company, but here I am. Really wanted to do something COOL you know, like be a Ninja or something. I like to sing, dance, draw, read etc etc etc, but now I could barely make time for any of it. Only thing I could think of is “How am I gonna complete my 45 Hrs of this week?”. Trust me it’s a challenge. But all those chai breaks makes it easier to survive, with A group of frustated engineer with theirs puns and sarcasm. I cherish those people I met, on this journey. Plus I had to move to this new city MUMBAI far from home, not that I am complaining. It all comes with new experiences, encounters and opportunities, which I am looking forward. Walks on marine drive, Vada pavs and BOLLyWOOd (obviously) are the BEST.
PS: Do whatever you need to do to be sane and be HAPPY!

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