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One lazy Sunday, after finishing all the household work, I finally sat with my piping hot lunch. With a hungry gaze, I looked at the fish curry and rice on my plate, only to be transported back to 3 years ago when this was only a far-fetched dream. Then, I had just finished my 5-year tenure with IBM and was moving into a new role at a new company. But, I never knew that soon, my life was going to change for the good. On 28th July, I had received my joining letter, and on the very next day, I found out that I was going to be a mother.

My joy knew no bounds, but it was short-lived as I needed to join TCS Pune for my new job while my entire family was in Kolkata. In the beginning, they were all supportive of my moving to Pune, but the news of my pregnancy made them change their minds. After much persuasion, I convinced everyone, made up my mind, and moved alone to a different city. I was able to find shared accommodation with 5 other girls, but the biggest downfall there was that the landlord did not allow us to have non-veg. This condition for the Bengali in me was hard to digest, but I had to live with it. Life for the next 7 months was not easy, but with good roommates and a supportive husband, I was able to continue with my job. Day to day activities, traveling to work by walk, morning shifts, all of these got difficult with time, especially cause I worked in the early morning shift.
Living in a shared flat made it difficult for anyone to come and stay with me for long. There were short visits from my mom and husband, but I really longed for the comfort of my home. My roommates were my pillar of support during my visit to gynecologist and pregnancy blues. There were days I wanted to take leave and go back to my hometown, but some invisible power gave me the courage to continue. Finally, after entering my 8th month of pregnancy, I took my maternity leave and came back to Kolkata in February 2019. All were waiting eagerly for me and I was showered with love and care. For the first time in my pregnancy journey, I got the required rest and pampering. Although my life at Pune was difficult, I never regretted my decision to go there. Those 7 months made me realize the importance of small things which we normally don’t take seriously at home. My mom was on cloud nine after my return and she didn’t leave my side for even a minute. Doctor’s appointment to sleepless night to crazy food craving to mood swings, she was always there by my side. After a wait of 9 months, I gave birth to my little bundle of joy. Before giving birth, I was not sure about how I will take care of my baby or how I will react, but after one look at her, I was sure that it was love at first sight.

Time flew by, my maternity leave ended, and it was time for me to join back work. I had to go back to Pune. I even took my 5-month daughter, Hiya (and my parents too) with me to Pune and this made it difficult for my husband to be with her. I was extremely excited to be with her and get back to my job, and the confidence that I’ll be able to balance it all made it only better. From wondering if Hiya liked the upma I made for her, has she slept? And n different things to how can I manage my work calls and schedule; I learned to fix personal deadlines and manage it all better by the day. I soon started spending valuable time with her that was work and gadget-free.

Life as a mother is like being on a constant roller-coaster ride, and being a working mother is even tougher. All that we can do is try to valiantly wave at those standing below as we scream from a height, realizing the ups and downs of our everyday life. This way, after struggling for 7 months, I moved back to Kolkata. Now, 15 months in, I feel truly at home. With all these thoughts and nostalgia that hit me right through, I come back to today, finding myself still staring at my lunch. Ah, such memories I think and pick my first bite of food, but before they could be devoured, I heard my little daughter scream two words, “Mummyyy Pottyy!” So here is where my food still waits and I go on to being a mom – which can pretty much be called the Being Mom Syndrome!

Total Work Experience : 8 Years (IBM, TCS)

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