Sravya Narayan

During our College vacations, I and my friend decided to hit the beach. We went in one of my two-wheelers, parked it, and started walking alongside the beach, enjoying the cool breeze. While we were chit-chatting and gossiping, I saw a tow truck carrying improperly parked vehicles. I pointed at the truck and commented, “People park their vehicles randomly wherever they want to. They deserve this”.

As I finished my sentence, I noticed that my vehicle was also in the truck. I was shocked and ran behind the truck pleading with the driver to stop. Unfortunately, he stated that he is not supposed to stop anywhere in between and informed me to come and collect my two-wheeler from the police station.

Along with my friend, I now ran to the station where they were unloading the vehicles from the truck. Meanwhile, I took out my phone to give a call to my dad. While I was dialing, my friend was surprised and asked “Are you really calling your dad !! Aren’t you scared to call him? What would he say?” to which I replied, “Even I’m not sure. But I have got no other choice than to call him at this point”. He picked the call and I narrated the whole story to him and surprisingly he listened very patiently and casually asked, “Which station are you in right now? Try talking to the Police Inspector and find out what the procedure is?” Once I finished talking to him, I just did what he told and after paying a heavy fine, I got back my two-wheeler along with some advice from the inspector.

On our way back home, my friend sat silently for almost the whole way. When I asked her what she was thinking about, she responded “You are so lucky. If I were in your place I would have never called my parents. The first thing they would have done, would be to scold me”. This was not the first time I heard someone say this. Even I expected a scolding from my parents but they never said anything about it. Though I was feeling guilty for doing such an act, when I reached home no one discussed anything about it.

Seldom my mom pulls my legs for getting caught, but that day I realized how supportive my parents are. I feel blessed to have such great support systems in my life. They were always there for me during all my bad and good. I am what I am now because of them and they are the reason behind my smile.

Total Work Experience : 6 Years (TCS,IBM)

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