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Just like everyone else, in 2020, I was introduced to a totally different version of myself. Vlogging, as fun as it sounds, never in a million years I thought I’d do it. Apart from the feeling that I wasn’t good enough for V-logging, the burden of “Log kya kahenge” always felt heavy.

My journey started from DIT, Dehradun. A mix of nervousness and excitement was what followed after choosing a college far from home. The feeling of being a free bird, the same sense of freedom that Bunny felt in ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’; Alexa play ‘ILLAHI’.

Travelling has always fed my soul and kept my spirit high. I graduated with memories and high hopes with a Bachelor’s degree in IT engineering. From not being able to decide which stream I should choose to becoming an IT engineer, the journey never ceased to amaze me. Soon after graduating, I got a job in Bangalore.

Coming from a small town you don’t expect a lot from yourself even if you’re capable enough. I never for once thought I’d live in Bangalore but here I was. Things happen when you least expect them and this was a completely unique opportunity for me. I knew that challenges were going to follow because of the language barrier and cultural difference between the North and the South but I wanted to give it a try. It’s been 3 years already. I have managed to learn some basics but I’ve got a long way to go. Here, I met some amazing people from different backgrounds and cultures that gave me a different perspective on life which helped me grow as a homo-sapiens.

Travelling is one of my favorite hobbies. During trips, people compliment my sense of humor and encourage me to showcase my talent on the internet through YouTube. But, as I said, it never felt like my cup of tea, so I always waved it off laughing. Although deep down I used to think about of the small niceties, if I ever considered it. Rays of encouragement from family and friends always hit my windows but I’d draw the blinds even before they could fall on me.

My not-so-monotonous life took a toll on me when a 120nm virus decided to make our lives more challenging: COVID-19. It led me to go back to my hometown Najibabad in UP. With the Liberty of Working from home. I felt that, I could make use of this time and pursue an MBA degree. But something was still not adding up.  Meanwhile, the firm I worked in, hosted a virtual contest. And call it a blessing or not, but the rays finally fell on me as I decided to shoot my first V-log. While recording, I realized how fun the experience was. All I did was just sit with my family and thought about the contest.

My first V-log received an amazing response that it pushed me to start doing travel V-logs as well. The only thing that had kept me from V-logging was my own self-doubt which I’m glad I was able to overcome. The moment I decided to let go of it, I became friends with a better version of myself. I believe that V-logging in Hindi, is beneficial as it’s easily understood by everyone, gives off a homely vibe, and it’s always easy to connect with something which feels like home.

Right Now, I am working on my 6th Vlog and I am still learning something every time. Two things that I learnt while doing so are:

First: Vlogging isn’t as easy as it seems

Second: people are going to stare if you’re holding a camera and moving around. But it doesn’t bother me now. My only focus now through my V-logs is to spread happiness, and show people the world, through my lens, and just like I say in my vlog “Agar dil se ache lagey toh share kijiye”

Total Work Experience : 3 Years (Wipro)

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