Ravishankar Singh

After completing my graduation in 2016, I moved back to my hometown to prepare for Govt. jobs as I was not interested in working for corporate as such. To support myself financially, I was giving tuitions to school kids living nearby. I also started my own YouTube channel Okey Ravi, where I post tips and tricks on how to use different applications and the processes involved in it. I even did some freelance work.

I was doing all of these things while also preparing for Govt. exams. Although I was able to clear some exams, but failing the ones I actually wanted to clear, broke my heart. After studying for countless hours for a year, it seemed that I was lagging somewhere. But on the flip side, one of my video was garnering overwhelming response. It motivated me to make more videos.

As unpredictable life can be, I came to Bangalore in 2018. Here I got a job in a huge MNC. The job brought a stability to my life give or take, I continued on making YouTube videos passionately. This time, I started it again with a bit more zeal, and this time things played out even better. My videos were getting thousands and thousands of views. I won’t say, that my YouTube journey is full of highs, because there were some bitter experiences, like one of my video was taken down by YouTube because of policy violation. But as the saying goes,” Nothing teaches us better than our own experiences”, I learned a lot from each one of them. People started liking my work and I was getting mails and messages from people to help them find a solution for their problems. This led me to digital marketing. My experience as a freelance website designer/creator played a huge role. I started getting requests from overseas clients for the same.

No matter how many times I was turned down or had to face failures, I always got back up, bounced back with even more energy ready to pounce and try it again. I work for about 14-15 hours a day, even though it gets hectic sometimes, it seems totally worth it. I learned everything that I know on my own from scratch, and giving up is not an option for me. My job in corporate gave me a head start into professional world, and adding YouTube channel to the fray, I believe that I am learning to be more professional day by day. I have a lot of plans for my future, which I feel is going to be exhilarating. I sense that my future is going to be more challenging but I have always believed in one thing ” The bigger the challenge, the bigger is the opportunity for growth”.

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