Amit Milan

My journey in the IT industry is one of a kind. I joined Mindtree, Bhubaneshwar as a Sewage treatment plant operator and not as a software engineer, developer, trainee, or anything else. Yes, you read it right; my job was not even remotely related to the technical or consultant role. I had to drop out of college in 2nd year because supporting my family became a dire need. The dream of becoming an Engineer was shattered and I had accepted the fate. Mindtree was starting their new office in Bhubaneshwar and I got the job of a plant operator there. To work in the scorching sun all day long drifted me from whatever studies I could do. Whenever the new batch would appear, I would be there to distribute the devices, bags, ID cards, etc. and I would feel a tinge of sadness to think all those things for myself. I would look at the new trainees working on their laptops making their way into the world of IT and it would always intrigue me.

The campus was still relatively new, and I was working on the construction site when I saw a person clearing up tiles from the marble floor. His appearance gave it away that he was someone from the office and to my surprise, it was none other than one of the founders of Mindtree. I was startled to see a man of his caliber and stature doing the odd job. I rushed to him and told him, “Sir, Leave this to me. I’ll clean the mess”. But he just smiled and said that’s okay. We worked together for a bit and had a general conversation about campus and all. I learned a great deal in just 20-30 mins that no job is menial and it’s just the contribution you make that matters. This inspired me to get back to my studies. After some time, I got myself enrolled again for my bachelor’s. I would attend college during the day and work nightshift. It was surely tough, but I was motivated enough to get through this. In the next semester, my shift changed so I went to the manager to explain my situation, but he couldn’t help. So, I went to the higher official who was in charge of the campus and very close to the founders. He sympathized with me and permitted the night shifts. This gave me relief and from then on, he would enquire about my studies, grades, etc. whenever he would see me on campus. Whenever I had time, I used to sit around the trainees and teachers asking them all sorts of question-related about coding, and eventually, I developed an interest in that. I started learning it on my own but without any prior knowledge, it seemed out of my capability. After my degree got completed, I went to Hyderabad with whatever savings I had to join some programming coaching. But as luck would have been it didn’t work out and I came back to Bhubaneshwar. I requested the in-charge of the trainee committee to give me one chance. He told me it doesn’t work this way, but he will try to talk to the head office in Bangalore. Finally, they agreed and gave me a chance to prove myself. From my parents to teachers who had made a special exception for me, everyone had great expectations. The training was hectic and there were times when I thought I was just letting everybody down. I worked hard and with the guidance of my teachers, I finally accomplished the training with flying colors. The day came when I had to leave for Bangalore and everybody on the campus came to see me off. The people whom I had worked with in the the plant had happy tears in their eyes. They were so proud of watching someone who had worked in the field finally getting an office job. My parents were elated with joy and so were my teachers. I joined the Bangalore office and my IT career started. After that, I didn’t look back and within 2 years I got promoted. I am now able to give my parents a comfortable life and work hard towards my dream career in IT. Everyone who helped me throughout my journey will always have a special place in my heart.

Total Work Experience : 2.5 Years (Mindtree)

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