Deepak Ranjan Mishra

All my life I looked up to my father for inspiration. In many ways, my father’s personality and beliefs have given me a perspective on the decisions I have to take in life.
I was born and raised in Rayagada, a small town in Odisha. After finishing high school, I chose engineering and moved to Bhubaneswar. During engineering, I tried out many things alongside the curriculum stuff. I experimented with YouTube, mainly creating comedy videos or dubbing some random videos. After graduating in 2017, I landed in a finance company. The role was quite different considering my background which was Mechanical Engineer. It became hectic as time passed and the office environment was not that supportive or the one where I felt that I was growing as a human being. During my tenure there, I worked on traveling blogs as it was refreshing and gave me some form of solace. In a year or so, with the work getting hectic and unfulfilling, I crossed the threshold point and left the job. I moved back to my hometown. It wasn’t an easy decision but my family was always there to boost up my morale.
I kept on working on the hobbies that I acquired, like Content creation in YouTube, Travel Blogging, but having a stable job is also important. I started giving interviews again and in 2019 I got an offer letter from Infosys. After accepting the offer letter, I moved to Mysore for rigorous training. The training was particularly difficult for me as I didn’t belong to a Computer Science background. But with the guidance of friends that I made there, who not only helped me out understanding the topics during the training period but also taught me a lot about computer technologies, I completed the training with flying colors. Now with the Job in my hand, my confidence was back. My dad inspired me to keep on working on my passion for YouTube and content creation. I got involved in it again, and this time with more enthusiasm. I started out with parodies, comedy videos which really brought out the creative and humorous side of me.
Sadly, my dad passed away this year. It was a shocking setback for the whole family. Nonetheless, I believe my dad is always with me, cheering and motivating me. Finding inspiration from popular personalities is easy, but when you get inspired by a person who is close to you, life seems to shine even brighter. Whatever I have learned a lot from him, be it taking care of family, or maintaining relationships or facing problems with head held up high, are the most valuable things that I own and I will do everything in my capacity to make him proud. I am looking after my mom and sister and taking care of them as he used to do. Currently, I am focusing on managing my Job at Infosys and working on the YouTube channel. I have a supportive team at the office that not only helps me get through the hectic schedule but also makes me feel alive. I enjoy creating videos on the latest trends and it excites me to work on refreshing humorous fun content and I will keep on doing so in the near future.
Total Work Experience : 1.8 Years (Infosys)
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