Dimple Vatwani

To start with I never thought I would be a part of the tech world when I was studying. After all I had done my bachelors in Hotel management. I ended up choosing IHM Jaipur mostly because my boyfriend was in the that college. Though I was getting a better college, it seemed important to me at that time to be in the same one. I guess we all do things like these when we are young and crazy for each other in love. During college, as time passed by, our relationship started deteriorating. But as a matter of heart, I could not accept the bitter truth and was trying to hold on to feelings that were already lost. I was in a bad shape mentally and my career was getting neglected the most. I would have definitely been deviated from my path, if it wasn’t for my best friend. The support gave me strength to believe in myself and hustle hard. Also, my passion for dancing helped me to remain positive in adverse situations. I have been dancing since I was a kid and never thought it would help me overcome my anxieties. Then came the last year of college, I had to get a job. And I did get it in Taj Palace, New Delhi. It felt like a dream come true to be working in one of India’s most luxurious hotel chains. All the glistering lights in the marvelous architecture of the hotel ambience always used to seem so elegant to me. As time passed, it became a daily struggle to manage the work because of my shift timings. 12 hours was what we were asked to work, and no one can complain about it because that’s how things used to be in hotel management. And then the pandemic crisis hit the world and it gave a hard set back to the hospitality industry. In fact, hospitality industry was one of the industries that got the worst hit by the pandemic. We weren’t getting paid regularly and the future before us started becoming too much uncertain, with cases upsurging.
I decided to switch my job but outside this industry, then, I barely had any knowledge of the technology or ecommerce industries like what should
be studied, what were the skills required etc. So, I started doing different courses on LinkedIn and other platforms to enhance my skills. And then Flipkart happened. I got the job offer and that’s when I stepped into the corporate culture. I started liking it from day one. I would never understand, why people crib about 9-5 jobs because what I found personally was that this industry was quite balanced as compared to hospitality. I could take leave anytime, I just had to inform my manager. This wasn’t the case in my earlier job. I remember while I was working in hotels, I never celebrated a single festival with my family. But now things have changed for the better. I have started realizing that I have many opportunities and I should seize them all. I started online MBA along with my Job as it would be a great career prospect. After a while I thought I had ample amount of time to do something creative and that’s when I decided to open my own food venture. Now it came with its own share of struggles. Being a girl in a small town in UP and opening a business, doesn’t go hand in hand. Getting the license was tough but finally it came through. Initially, there were very few orders as covid was still ongoing but then I had begun to gain trust. After a point it got really busy, but I am able to manage it because of my family, especially my sister. She helps me through it when I am busy with my work. All in all, I have learnt if you really want something, you work hard enough to get it. I am managing my business and distant MBA along with my full-time Job. At times, I myself cannot believe how far I have come through. So, yes dream can be a reality if you believe in yourself.

Total Work Experience : 2 Years (Taj, Flipkart)

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