Grusha Anandpara

I never found IT that interesting because I hailed from a biomedical background. Somehow I got the work opportunity with Infosys and started with the training. It was difficult for me to code initially and I was coerced from all sides because I didn’t want to fail. My main aim was to get pass marks somehow but I was always happy about my life in one aspect- I had my friends with whom I used to have lots of fun thereby making my life graceful.
After the completion of our trainings, I was posted to Jaipur DC.I had no friends there and my family was not there to support me. So I somehow changed my location to Pune DC. But deepdown my heart, I always used to contemplate one thing- I don’t want to work in this industry for long. Then came the phase where I got a chance to be lucky and got offer from Friedrich-Alexander University(Germany) for MS and this was the phase where I wanted to kick start my life again and become stable financially.
Later, I was took up a job with Siemens and started working on Azure, language consistency and administrative work. I could work properly there- all thanks to the Infosys trainings!
I had a dream like most people- to travel to a beach having blue waters. Luckily, I got a chance to travel to Croatia during my initial years of MS. The expenses were minimal-around 250€. There was a provision from the University side- special planes for students carrying one bagpack per head at a very low rate. This was one moment where I could lift my head high and say- yes, I travelled abroad without any funds from my family.
Recently, we all have been badly hit by the corona wave, the most being the frontline healthworkers. I wanted to do something for them. So with a group of friends, we started a startup called , “Care4You” , and developed an app which ensures efficient communication between nurses and patients for a hassle free experience.
Presently am working on a thesis, Optimization of fat water separation from muscles. So now I live in another country, which has gradually made me realise the difference in work patterns and culture which I am enjoying a lot. I keep exploring new places, mingle with new people, work contendedly and live life all over again.
Total Work Experience : 2 Years (Infosys, Siemens Healthineers , Digital Industrial Service System – FAU)
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