Maninee Pati

“I was never this fat… I had never imagined I would put on so much weight!!!” – post 2017, this thought had kept coming to me over and over again, whenever I stood before the mirror, observing myself for a brief time.

I was basically on my leaner side all my life. I participated in sports and did cardio. But then, in April, 2017, I had to undergo gall bladder surgery which took a toll on my health and stamina. I had put on around 13 kilos, post-pregnancy as well. For the first time in my life, I didn’t like my reflection in the mirror. I wasn’t confident about what I wore; I had started wearing baggy clothes and loose t-shirts. Low energy levels, mood swings, irritation – had become a part of me. It was gnawing away my morale.

All of this acted as a trigger in my mind.

I started doing cardio again, reduced sugar from my diet and followed many popular fads as well. However, whatever I tried, I was reaching nowhere. I also went to the gym and run on the treadmill, for hours, without any results. I had almost given up and had started bingeing again. It was then I came across a fitness community called SQUATS (now FITTR).

This is how the real journey began. I started seeing results week by week and got passionate about lifting weights. I fell in love with the process followed and wanted to learn more about the community and fitness industry too. Hence, I did the certifications on nutrition and fitness at INFS. This was my step into the world of fitness. The leanings from INFS helped me carry out my journey further and also gave me the confidence and ability to help some of my friends and family members.

I decided to make my passion my next profession. I completed my certification and got selected as – FITTR coach.

Till now, I have transformed around 260 people. I have loved every bit of it. It’s a different feeling altogether, lifting people to show them their potential and bring the best out of them. I also have a lot of take away. All through this, I learned that having patience, trusting one’s instincts, taking risks can pave path to one’s dreams.

I have felt the changes from within and I am walking more towards it.

Total Work Experience : 5.5 Years(Infosys)


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