Maria Fernanda González Castañeda

I started my work life in the Banking sector around 7 years ago in Mexico City where I was born and brought up. Since I have never been to another country, I struggled with the English language while working since I learned Spanish medium school. In this age and day, conversational English is a “must-have” skill to get a job in an MNC, so I enrolled myself in a particular English course at the university to work on this, as I didn’t want to miss any good job opportunities because of the lack in English speaking and writing proficiency. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, and lockdown, I had to stop going to classes. However, I practice by myself to make sure I don’t forget what I have learned so far.

I feel very fortunate that I and my husband have been able to continue our jobs from home during these challenging times. Having a Quality role that I enjoy, keeping up and learning new technologies, helping and guiding juniors, and also continue learning English, for me is a blessing. Waking up every morning with faith that today, I will get to learn something from my friends, family, society, job… What can I say, makes me feel content.

Total Work Experience : 7.4 Years (Indra Company, Infosys)

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