Trushant Patil

I agree that we have a life in IT. But sometimes we crave for something that gives us inner satisfaction. Apart from being an engineer, I am a social activist. Since I was born in a village and was always surrounded with farms, the love for organic farming started from there. Once a week in every two months I try to visit my village and help them with organic farming. Also, whenever I get free time I try to provide education, career counseling to the unprivileged kids for free. Recently we all were stuck because of COVID-19 situation but that thing didn’t stopped me from helping the people in need. Recently I volunteered in free grocery distribution to the needy ones and also created a sanitizing tunnel in my village all by myself. I agree that we all are super busy working in the IT industry , making more money or getting promoted. But we all are also privileged to be born as a human who lives in a society, so as a human it is our duty to contribute something for the benefit of others. I am just waiting for that one day when I can turn my love for organic farming as my vocation. Not sure when will that happen but one day it will.

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