Nikita and Juned

He loves teasing me all the time and I take all his jokes without even being offended. We met via some mutual friends on a random trip during our corporate training.He was the only guy out of 5 girls because all the boys backed out in the last moment, but I am glad that happened because the bond of our friendship grew stronger from there itself. We enjoy each other’s company a lot ,we make fun of each other a lot. In corporate world when a guy and a girl hangs out very often people think that they are in a relationship or something is cooking between them. When we hear such kind of gossips and rumor, we laugh it off. We pass on all the messages that we receive to each other. It’s just pure friendship that we have always admired. If I am out late, he makes sure that I reach out to my place on time. Sometimes a friend doesn’t want her friend to do some crazy wild things, sometimes even these little things show that how much you care for each other and it’s simply blissful.

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