Pranavi Gundla

“Are you okay to relocate?”

I recently joined a company. When HR asked me about my location preferences, I said – “I only prefer Telangana.” No matter how many times she kept asking me – if I could be flexible enough regarding the relocation, I stuck to my decision.

Many people would want to be posted close to their homes since it is more convenient, but it was more than that for me. There have been experiences during my childhood that continue to bug me.

I remember, when I was 16, we were having a family trip to Maharashtra. It was for the first time I had stepped out of my state. Besides my parents, I was accompanied by my uncle, aunt, and cousins. I don’t know why; maybe I had not eaten well… the moment I stepped into the compartment, I felt nauseous. But I kept mum. Also, I was not okay with the smell and crowd around me. I quietly rested my head on my cousin’s shoulder. For some time, he kept asking me about my odd behavior, but I didn’t say a word.

It was a journey of one and a half days. We had started at 6 pm. I clearly remember – it was Ajanta Superfast Express. I was still not well when I reached Maharashtra. My uncle and cousins had already grown accustomed to the weather.

We stayed there for two and a half days. On the first day, we visited the Trimbakeshwar temple and Ellora caves. Unfortunately, I still felt like vomiting. I stayed outside while everyone else went to the temple. Thankfully, my cousin stayed back with me. He supported me throughout the entire journey. Thankfully, on the second day, my health was a little better. I was able to go to the Shirdi temple with my family.

That uncomfortable experience has left an impression on my mind. For a long time, I didn’t feel like going or visiting any new place. “Will the experience be good next time? Will my health be good?” Even today, I feel a little nervous and doubtful if I can travel. Yet, I think I can give it a try. I kind of regret not going into the temple; I want to revisit the temple as I couldn’t six years ago. I have learned at least where I can look for hygienic food and stays that would not make me sick.


Total Work Experience: 3 Months (DXC Technologies)

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