Prasang Chandorkar

It was an ordinary day, just like any other. I had been suffering from headaches for a few days and was taking ineffective medication, so I decided to visit the doctor in the same hospital where my mother used to work. After some thought, the doctor suggested an MRI, and my reports were sent to Mumbai for further examination. We received the results after ten days, and it turned my entire life upside down.
I was born in Indore, and my father owns a matrimonial business, so after finishing my MBA and working for a while, I decided to join my family business. I was completely focused on expanding our business, while my father was looking for a good partner for me, and one day he found Wachika; her profile was listed on our site.
 We couldn’t meet each other because we were in the COVID phase, so our parents suggested we connect on social media and get to know each other. Everything went smoothly, and we got engaged on July 2, 2021, with plans to marry on January 23, 2022. But on November 15, 2021, my entire life was turned upside-down when I was diagnosed with cancer.
My father informed her and her family about my condition as we began treatment. It was difficult for a girl and her family to support a man who had been diagnosed with cancer. She could have abandoned me and my family in that difficult situation; we were not yet married, but she chose to be our strength and stood beside me.
The treatment phase was extremely difficult; I had multiple rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, and as a result, I developed ulcers in my throat, which prevented me from eating anything for the duration of the treatment. I lost 22kg weight and was weak and felt like giving up at times, but the support of my parents and Wachika’s words pushed me and kept me going.
I believe that with the right support, we can overcome any difficulties in our lives. Cancer is frequently associated with death, which is not true. Cancer, like other diseases, can be treated if detected early enough. Without fear, all you need is proper treatment and support, just as I did.
And finally, we will marry in December 2022, and all I can say is that life is so unpredictable, so I am going to live my life to the fullest with her and will be with her in every difficult situation.
Total work Experience : 6 Months(Property Pistol pvt. ltd.)

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