Priyanka Dey

Standing on the platform of Kolkata railway station, with bags in my hand, fear in my eyes, and just hope in my heart for the start of a new life, there was this naive little girl who had no idea how to face the world all alone. I was this naive girl who used to go to college, study, and come back , unaware of how this outside world looks like.
But life had some other plans for me. My life turned upside down when I lost my mother just 5 days before my first interview with Cognizant, the biggest shock after my father’s death, whom I had lost when I was barely 4 years old.
Left with no one to look after me, I felt all alone to face this world, all scared and worried.
But I feel you become strong when you have no option other than being so.
I gathered up all the courage I had within, and pushed myself to stand up and face this world. I attended my first interview and by God’s grace, I cleared it.
My base location was Kolkata but for my training, I needed to shift to Pune for 4 months. It was 2014, I was literally shaking to board a train with all my luggage alone on that 26 hour Journey to Pune. All my friends came to the station to drop me and tried making me comfortable for the journey but as it was for the first time I was traveling alone, I was very scared and I felt that the people who were sitting in my coach, too realized it.
With no idea and all that fear which I had within, with added uncertainty as to whom to trust, whom to talk to, whom to ask for help, I was completely blank.
My coach comprised of people from different backgrounds like some were from the army, some Gujarati families, along with some Marathis as well.
I can still recall, the people in my coach were really helpful and they helped me in everything I had issues with. They even asked me where I was traveling to and I told them that I was traveling to Pune for my first job and don’t have anyone there.
Listening to this, they wrote their addresses and phone numbers on a paper and gave them to me, and asked me if I ever faced any issues in Pune or needed any assistance, I can directly contact them. In return, none of them asked me for my contact details in order to make me feel secure. Yes, I was scared because, in this world where it’s really hard these days to trust anyone, those completely unknown people helped me in the best possible way and made me feel secure throughout my journey. After reaching Pune, I contacted some of them and we are still in contact. I am really blessed I came across such wonderful people in my life who helped me restore my faith in humanity.
It’s said- Every journey has a story and yes, that 26 hour journey from Kolkata to Pune changed my life. It boosted that self-confidence and faith in me.
It’s been 7 years in the IT Industry and I have grown like never before both personally and professionally. I have grown into an independent, confident, and fearless woman who can stand up on her own, no matter how hard situations might be.
Now if I look back to 2014, I feel I had come a long way and there is a lot still I need to achieve. From being a scared and naive little girl to a strong and independent woman, it’s been quite a journey for me that has shaped me into the person I am today.
And honestly, these train journeys have taught me, not to be scared to start, just do the things with full faith and see how your destination finds you.
Towards the end, I would just like to say,
“You never know how strong you are, how much potential you have unless and until being strong is the only option you are left with.
So never feel that you are weak and you can’t do it, just put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and let go of all your fear.
Take that one step ahead because all your dreams and everything you desire from your life are present just at the other edge of your fear.”
So what are you waiting for, I crossed that edge of all my fears, when will you?

Total Work Experience : 7 Years (Capgemini)

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