Richa Smita Nayak

Back in 2008, I shifted to Goa with my family. Apart from the vacay mode and party nights, Goa has many beautiful, scenic and unexplored places which soothes my heart and gives peace to my mind. I did my engineering from Goa and during my college days, I was really an introvert. I always adored the Ramp walk events in our college Fests but had fear and hesitation in my heart. Pursuing my interest in Extra curricular activities, I started participating in fests taking up small small roles and responsibilities. When I was in my final year, my entire batch nominated me for the Title of ” Miss College Queen” and I whole heartedly participated. To my surprise I won that title. Since then, my confidence got a boost and I also started getting a lot of attention from all my college peers and friends. But my heart always said, “Richa, Spread your wings and fly high”! Following my passion in modelling, I tried for one of the Largest events of Fashion, i.e “International Fashion Week” and I was on Cloud 9 when I got selected in it.
That day I understood the true meaning of hardwork and passion. The journey that looks so much glamorous from outside actually has a lot of challenges. Not being a professional model with no experience of professional choreography actually bought a set of challenges for me as well. From walking in those 5-6 inches heels for rigorous practice sessions, posing for more than 100 pictures at a time, leg pain, exhaustion and frustration, I really feel, nothing worthy comes easy in life .But when the event became successful and I saw myself all over the Glamorous Page 3 of Goa Newspapers, it was a moment of pride for me and my family. I felt my struggles paid off!
From being an Introvert Girl in my Initial days to walking on a Ramp for the International Fashion Week, I really feel I have come a long way and there is lot I need to go more. All in all I will just say that, if you have the right Attitude, Passion and Dedication to achieve your goal, this universe will conspire in every possible way to make it true!
Total Work Experience : 2.7 Years (Infosys)
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