Sahil Chaudhary

For me, childhood memories are all (Okay, Largely) about sports. Born in Ludhiana, running and cycling was all that I did the whole day for years. When I got into school, my passion for running and cycling transformed to football. I won many accolades in school competitions, took part in district football competitions as well.

I always thought that I could be an athlete, but life being what it is, had other plans for me. The journey from my home to the school was about 3 hours long give or take, so other than the time I spent in school, 7 hours a day was gone in travelling. During early school days, I was able to manage time for sports and studies, but as I progressed, the pressure of homework and studies got to me. It was getting more and more difficult for me manage, so I had to make a choice. I decided to focus on studies and set sports aside for the time being.

Fast forward 2019, I took part in a Govt. Organized Night Cycling marathon in Bhubaneswar. I rode the cycle for 51km, which really made me reminisce my childhood days.

Other than sports, finance intrigues me a lot. It all started when I read a random article on finance, its importance and how to manage. Since that day, there is no looking back. My love for finance grew even more when I started investing in crypto currency. I think of myself as a ‘Finance Freak’. I completed my engineering in Mechanical from a well renowned college, which was again 7 hours away from home and did what most of the mechanical engineers do, joining an IT Multinational Company. I am really glad to have been a part of this company. It gave me a lot of learnings and friends. Being a Finance Freak, I was always looking for opportunities to learn more about finance and soon I got one in the form of MBA in Banking and Finance from IMI.

I am thoroughly glad for all the journey that I have gone through in these past years. I always believe that you need to constantly chase your passion. Even though my passion for sports didn’t execute as per my plan, my passion for finance helped me in shaping my future and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

Total Work Experience : 1.5 Years (Infosys)

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