Sanchi Mandpe

I was diagnosed with a clot in my heart in October 2019. I was told to undergo heart surgery. “I have to accept my fate. It’s upon God’s will whether I would be dead or alive” – this was the first thought that had come to my mind.

When I was in ICU, even though I was tense, I tried to humour myself. After the surgery, I was kept in a ventilator for almost two days. The doctors were not sure whether I would live or not. But I wanted to… I didn’t want to give up! It was like a tug of war. In the end, I won. The surgery was deemed successful and I was safe. But then, it was half battle won…

Then started the post effects of surgery, which I consider to be the most difficult part. My stomach had many stitches and my chest had staples around… Even though I was strong enough to fight that situation, seeing my whole body like that shook my mind. Sometimes, I cried like for 10 to 15 minutes. Most of the times I was not able to sleep and remained awake on my bed… walking by myself, seemed like a dream. Heavy doses of medicines always made me feel dizzy. But thanks to my family and the best of my best friends, they didn’t let me lose hope. When I didn’t feel like myself, they made me laugh and motivated me.

It was not easy for me to accept that situation but yes, I did it and I’m proud of it. For my mental health, I did meditation and it took almost 1.5 years for me to get back to grind and rejuvenate my confidence. My company, where I was working also supported me a lot and after I recovered from my surgery they never let me take a lot of burden.

This phase of my life, left me with a lot of lessons. I realized that how for granted we take our health, whether it’s physical or mental. We, as professionals, who are working 9 to 5, need to realize that our health is a very important aspect of our lives. What does it take to keep up with a healthy life style? – some exercise and a healthy diet… and most importantly not making excuses for it.

I have realized the importance of my health and I had been working on my health since then, and I am constantly gaining good health and good confidence in myself and working professionally amazing as well.

Total Work Experience : 3.5 Years (Neeyamo, Capgemini)

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