Sanjana Malik

“I am a foodie… FOOD is my LOVE. Hailing from a typical Punjabi family, I could never resist butter-loaded aloo parathas or exotic cuisines available in Delhi cafes. But eventually, this had taken a toll on my health.

Being a big foodie, I didn’t pay much attention to my weight or what kind of stuff I was eating everyday. But things changed, when I moved to Hyderabad after my graduation. My tight schedule, lifestyle and food habits took a massive toll on my health. In November 2020, I started having a lot of health issues. I had body aches and things kept on getting worse. I lost all my confidence and at a point, started hating looking at the mirror.

“It’s high time, you should do something for your body Sanjana”

When this happened, the spread of pandemic was at its peak. Hence, all gyms were closed. Luckily, I came across an online venture named FITTER. I had a one-on-one consultation with the coach, and they helped me in understanding the journey I was going to take. I just had one thing in my mind – “I just want to shed those extra kilos and get into a shape”. I followed all the diet plans and exercised regularly. In the span of three months, I lost 9 kgs… I was on cloud nine! But that phase made me realize that a healthy body is just not about losing weight, it’s more about a healthy lifestyle and mental peace. From there, I decided to help other people around me battling the health issues. I enrolled myself in a diploma course at Institute of Fitness and Nutrition Sciences. Currently I am continuing to take training to become a fitness coach with FITTER.

In that span of 3 months, I realized it’s important to keep a track of what kind of food you are eating and in how much quantity. Since then, I have planned my own diet plans and followed them. For physical fitness, I never opted for any tough gym activities; I did all home-based exercises watching videos on YouTube.

There were some days when I literally didn’t want to continue the diet routine or do exercise but my photographs kept pushing me.

I had a collage in my room, where I have pasted all my pictures from the start of this fitness journey. Whenever I felt low, I glanced at them, from where I started and where I am now, and push myself harder to do something good for myself.

It’s been a year of transformation for me. FROM 90 KGS TO 65 KGS – I have come a long way in my fitness journey. This has taught me to love myself and adopt a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about the weight, but its more about eating healthy, doing exercise regularly and taking care of your body. And of course, one should not be too harsh on yourself… you can have some cheat days. We just have to make sure we are able to balance it off by cutting other sections of our meal.

It’s our body, it’s our life, we should do what suits us, do what’s best for us. Because no one else is going to do that for us!

Total Work Experience : 2.9 Years (Highradius , Gainsight)

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