Shivam Sharma

Since childhood, I’ve been a mischief maker and that habit kept following me as I grew up. I wasn’t so great at studying but enjoyed playing pranks like any other guy of my age.

Talking about pranks, I remember the time when I hung up a classmate’s backpack to the ceiling fan and he kept searching for so long, it still bursts me into laughter, reminiscing all those scenes as if it was just yesterday.

As we grow up, the feeling of freedom excites us the most, and I was no different. I loved sketching, drawing and even doodling. Art gave me a sense of freedom, freedom that my canvas was not bound to anything, made me feel like a bird, levitating in the sky as if it owns it. During my early college days, this hobby turned into a skillset which helped me bag an internship as a graphic designer in Bangalore and was thus introduced to the IT industry.

IT field was quite similar to my hobbies. I just had to sit back with my computer, train my thoughts, pen them down, organize them with the help of algorithms, and Voila! This is where I learnt the importance of organizing. In 2018, when I was working for TCS, I was posted to a South Indian state. Having lived in Bangalore earlier, I didn’t expect to be awestruck by the South Indian Culture. My project there was based on lifestyle which provided me multiple opportunities to work alongside foreign clients. Being a newbie, I wasn’t much aware of how things worked but my colleagues were generous enough to help me out in every possible way. I believe, that those things improved my communication skills, and I can say that I am able to talk as freely as I can because of that.

I remember the time I met with an accident. I never realized that so many people cared for me or maybe had a thought that what my existence meant to them. Once you know how important you are to people, you consciously can’t hurt them. I decided to try to be a little more compassionate towards everyone.

One of the most memorable moment in my life for me was when I fell in love. It started with a Facebook message tone, “You have a new message”. She was my batch mate in 8th class coaching. Late night conversations turned into late night calls and then to outings, I loved it all. Although I was a prankster since childhood, expressing emotions is something that I always felt shy off. But now that I was in the ocean of love, there were only two options, swimming or drowning. I decided to swim, and I am still swimming. Not a second goes by, when I don’t thank the heavens for her presence in my life. Just like Ted Mosby would say – ‘And kid’s, that’s how I met your mother’.

Looking back into my life, I can see that everything just went with the flow. It seemed like a smooth ride but it wasn’t. Through every step I learned something or the other and I hope it continues the same in the future as well.

Total Work Experience : 2 Years (TCS)

My Website : Shivam’s GIT Profile

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