Shubhangi Gupta

Honestly speaking, I don’t love my job. I am just here because my parents want me to make money. There’s a common saying for millennials ‘Padoge likhoge toh banoge nawaab, kheloge kudoge toh hoge kharaab’, the most common con in a family of a dozen of doctors. Dozens of Doctors, yes, I was born in a family of 11+ doctors in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow.

God gave me the same brain as them but flooded it with a ton of creativity making me a person, who loves to write and draw. The only reason I work right now is, so that I make enough money and fulfill my dream of opening my own business of a perfume lab.

Before we dive into the real part let’s meet the real me. I am an avid reader and have been associate editor of Wmh Magazine (Canadian magazine). I love to travel and once you’ve got wanderlust in your blood, you’ve got it for life is what I feel is true. Mysore, where I spent my early days of training being one of my favorite places.

I have heard old places have soul, let’s rewind a bit to one such place and time when I was a short and healthy kid. I mean who doesn’t love cakes at that age and when it comes with extra benefits that no one could kidnap me. Why not!??  However funny this sounds now but reality was a lot different back then. Having a heavy built never stopped me from being an active kid. I was associated with all kinds of sports like badminton and activities like swimming, yoga etc.

Even though I was an active kid, I had a heavy built. We all know how much our parents are concerned with everything we do, even if it’s good. And if you have family full of doctors it does add to the extra benefit.

My father, being a doctor, was really concerned with my built. He was always tensed whether I will get tall enough or not and because of that he used to nag me. Well that’s what troubled me the most in my childhood.

Well Mysore is my favourite place as it does start many things for me. I joined the gym after going there. I lived my life in Mysore and made some really great friends during my span there. I have friends who care for me and even grew on personal fronts, a happy and confident being.

I struggled with body image issues. I was fat still am and it’s just that because I was always made aware of that fact, I didn’t have the confidence but now that I’ve accepted my body it gives me immense confidence in all walks of life. I have a suggestion to all the people out there who are being judged by someone, in some way or the other. Let people talk, they will talk for days, laugh at you and then forget you. They are not at all important to you, the most important person to you is YOU!! If you don’t love yourself you won’t be able to live your life to the fullest. Love yourself and be happy.

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