Somdatta Saha

Past 2 years have been very tough for me on all the fronts – emotionally, mentally and professionally. My personal life was already in chaos. I needed to break free. I hadn’t decided what I would do after leaving my job. Yet I put down the papers in the month of October, 2020, without having a backup. It was risky. A month later, it occurred to me – I had an affinity to understand the business behind the technical work that my peers and I used to do. I think I had this from my papa. He is a businessman. Even my elder sister is an entrepreneur. She has started a start-up during the COVID times. Touch wood, everything is going well for her.

When I resigned, firstly, I went to my mother. I am very blessed; she acknowledged it and encouraged me to go forward. She has always been my backbone. So, I decided to follow my sister’s footsteps. Currently I am preparing for MBA. I want to enhance my managerial side. My family’s encouragement was like a boost for me. They have confidence in me that I can do it. They have never let me doubt myself since my childhood.

I passed out from college in the year 2018. After that I had to shift to Ahmedabad for training. After training, I had wished to be posted to Bangalore, Hyderabad or Delhi. Unfortunately, I had got pre-mapped. I had to continue staying there till 2020. It was during this period, my world seemed to turn upside down.

For almost 7 years, I was in a long distance relationship. It had started by the end of school days. Everything seemed good until the distance grew between us. As we got more involved in our mechanical lives, he seemed to drift apart. The reasons were leaving me clueless. On top of that, I was having issues adjusting with the food culture. When I was not emotionally sound, the work pressure was taking its toll.

I am thankful to some of my friends, because of whom I survived this phase. I have a friend, who is from Lucknow. We were in the same college, same branch and same section! When placements happened, we got selected in both TCS and Infosys. And we chose TCS! We were put in the same batch. After training, we got assigned to US clusters. We got the same project. These series of coincidences brought us closer. We were not that close in college days, but we became like soul sisters after that!

There were some school friends, who stayed with me through thick and thin. They were always there to provide me emotional support.

Today, I am a more stable person. I heaved a sigh of relief when I filled my resignation paper. From that point of time, there has been a transitioning in my life. My father had sensed when I was going through the emotional turmoil. He had rightly said – “If you keep latching onto the bad memories, you will never see the good around you”. So, I have started living in the moment, keeping my past behind me. I am feeling independent today; I know I can now take care of my emotional well-being.

Currently, I am more into studies. Once I will achieve what I am working hard for, maybe I will resume my passion for dancing. I love to dance on the fly. I am a trained Kathak dancer; I had practiced for seven years. And maybe I would start a personal blog and post my writings over there. There is lot to do.

Total Work Experience : 2 Years (TCS)

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