When I was just 8-9 years old, we were handed out a pamphlet of a martial arts form called Wushu in school and I got instantly interested in taking part in it. I became attracted to the artistic display of the game and devoted myself in learning and performing it. As I had to balance between my studies at school and my practice sessions, being self-disciplined came at a very early age. When I was in class 5th , I was asked to change my school and so I had to go to the stadium for my martial arts practice. I would wake up early in the morning, cycle for 3-4kms back and forth, practice, and then would leave for school. I started out participating in Sanshou, a part of Wushu, at a sub-junior level, and in 2007 I won my first gold at the Wushu National Championship. Winning this championship encouraged me and little did I know, it was just the start. I went on to win championships in 2008 and 2009 as well in national tournaments. Winning national medals at such a young age gave me a thrill and I practiced hard to always come out better than the last time. In 2010, I took part in the national tournament that was held in Chennai. Traveling from my home state to Chennai was hectic and I couldn’t get ample time to warm up before going into the ring. One wrong move during the fight led to an injury in my ankle. Somehow, I finished the game and went to the hospital for a check-up. My parents also became cornered and I took a break for one year. In 2011, I re-started with Taolu, another part of Wushu. I received bronze in the national championship at a sub-junior level in Jammu.
After one year of practice and a lot of hard work, I again participated in National Wushu Championship in the Taolu category in 2013 held in Patna, Bihar, and won silver in the same year I won Bronze in the national tournament held in Manipur. Based on the national tournament won, I was honored 7 times by the Chief Minister on National Sports day. Later, I skipped the tournaments in 2014 because of my 12th boards. I joined Chandigarh university for my engineering and was awarded a 50% scholarship from 2nd Year onwards. Later, that year I played All India Inter-university at Punjab University, Patiala, and won silver. University provided me an 80% scholarship with extra facilities to support and continue our practices. I participated in a tournament in Rohtak and won Silver and Bronze. After some time, I took part in kickboxing, similar to Wushu in 2018 and won Bronze.
As much as my education was important to me, so was my art. I kept playing both the roles and balanced my life whether it was the curricular or winning medals. My family has been my backbone to help me through the choice of my unconventional sports. I love my job as a software engineer but I still yearn for more medals. At present, I am focusing more on my career, but whenever I get time I practice my art. The art that I started when I was 8 years old.
Total Work Experience : 2 Years(Mindtree)
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