“I was born in a traditional orthodox family in the Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu. I was a cool kid with no well-defined aims in my life then, but still, I managed to get good scores and topped the university in my undergraduate. I got a bachelors degree in English literature in the year 2016 and I was married off in the very same year. Just like other newly married girls, I was quite excited to start the new chapter of my life with my husband(who is the main person behind my success). After some days, I had a meet-up with my friends, we had a very casual conversation. Meanwhile, one of my friends told me “This is not what we want you to be Surya “.It was that moment where I realized that I should achieve something big in life. I had many dilemmas like what to do and from where  to start. Then  I came across a newspaper advertisement about a TNPSC [Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission]  Exams orientation. After attending the session, I had gained some confidence that I could crack the exam and land a government job. It was then, I found my passion or in other words, you can say.. my passion found me. I spoke to my husband about my decision. To my surprise, he agreed and supported my decision. He asked me to focus on my studies and convinced my entire family. I gave my Group 2_A exam in the year 2017.

It was my first step and definitely, it was the hardest. I suffered from typhoid and got hospitalized for about 2 weeks. I had no strength to give my exams, still I didn’t lose hope. I gave the exams and when results were declared, I had scored 140 out of 200. I was quite close to achieving my dream but as they say,” Nothing worth having, comes easy”. I couldn’t get through that year but I resurged again, like the Phoenix, this time with more life, twice the determination and courage. I gave all my efforts at a training academy in Chennai and I toiled hard. Since I was a pampered kid and had not had much exposure to social life, it was difficult for me to adapt but I used to get motivated by my husband’s sacrifices for me, the endurance he had to undergo when he had to convince the entire family for my decision, all of this kept me going.

Later after months, I had to suffer a huge loss. I lost my elder brother and I wanted to be there for my family for moral support. So I decided to move out of  Chennai and stayed with my family. It was a life-changing moment for my entire family. We were not able to come out of the grief but still, I tried to concentrate on my preparation as exams were nearing. In November 2018 I cleared group 2 preliminary with 170 marks and I had to give my mains in 2019 February. The result day arrived and believe me it was a complete do or die moment,  I kept worrying about what society would speak of me, what if I don’t clear the exam and what my family would think ..they might even question my years of hard work which went in vain. After all the hurdles and self-doubts, I , finally, landed a job as SUB REGISTRAR in the year 2020.

My little one arrived in July 2021.Yeah! Now, I am a working mother and wife. This could have never been possible without my husband. He had helped in all aspects to make me a successful independent woman. Now, I have started my YouTube channel where I motivate all aspirants out there and guide them in their journey. Of course, people laugh at us when we say our big usual dream but the same people get shocked once we start working for it. I  want to tell you all that there are people who try to break our confidence, who want to celebrate our failures but anything can be achieved if we have one right person to motivate us. Above all, Believe in yourself!

Total Work Experience : 1.5 Years (Sub-Registrar Government of Tamil Nadu)

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