Tanya Chhabria

A devastating incident had taken place when I was in the fourth grade. My father left me and my mother and our world had turned upside down.

At a very young age, my mother got married to my father, while pursuing her graduation. He used to stay in Jaipur. After a year, I was born. Back then, my mother was a simple woman with ordinary aspirations who couldn’t even take her own decisions. My father was a good man but had some bad habits that sometimes took a toll on their relationship.

After my father left us, my grandmother used to blame my mother for everything that had happened. My father used to have a shop, but after he was gone, we lost it too. It seemed like God was testing my mother’s patience and endurance level, but as they say-” the most powerful person in this world is a mother protecting her child.” She started doing a job in sales and even worked as a receptionist to support my education.

But things were still hard; the blame and the pressure was unbearable and she was completely shattered. But she was determined to give me a good life, so she left my father’s home and we moved back to my uncle’s home in Indore. She knew that life was not going to be easy, but she would be at peace. She found another job in Indore and continued supporting me. Even though my uncle is very supportive, disagreements do arise from time to time, and we do not have free will to do things.

When I was 17, my mother promised to buy a home for us. Years passed, and while I was completing my education, my mother was working hard towards the dream she had seen for me. Recently, when I got a job, she finally decided to buy a home, and she did it.

And now when I look into her eyes, I don’t see her as an ordinary woman. She is stronger than ever and, in her eyes, I can see what she wants. She wants me to follow my path, my own path, and not be influenced by others. She wants me to achieve everything in life. She wants me to live a life she never had, she saw a dream for me which she couldn’t see for herself, and even if I fail at any point of time, she is there to hold me, my protector, my world.

Total Work Experience : 2 Months (Cyber Infrastructure Indore)

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