Tezi Khan

It was late night around 10 pm when my meeting with one of the US clients finally got over. Every other IT employee can relate to the long boring meetings. Obviously, the presentation I had given was in English. Nothing out of the window here as we all know English is the language of communication in the IT industry. It looks obvious to me too, but it was not always the case. Let’s just say it in a way that my acquaintance with English started a little late. Okay, very late.

I come from a city famous for its food, culture, and cleanliness, that’s Indore, MP. Growing up, the financial conditions of my family were most of the days dire. At many times basic luxuries and comfort were unaffordable. Even though there was always a struggle for money, we were a happy family of 3. Me, my mom and dad. After a long period, my brother came along. I have seen my parents go through hardships to provide us basic education and other needs. Though I belong to a conservative Muslim family, my parents, especially my dad encouraged me to study, take part in competitions, learn dancing and crafting. I remember him telling, “Education was the hope to make the coming time better.” And, I agree.

I was good in studies. More than that I was dedicated and determined. I studied in Hindi medium school and hence was never fluent in English. After high school ended, we started looking for admissions in engineering college. Now it was understood that the only way I could take engineering was if I get any scholarship. My rank in the PET competition was good and finally, I got admission with the fee waiver. Surviving college was another uphill battle for one main reason. The language. Everyone in the college, the teachers, students used to converse in English, but I couldn’t. The lectures, syllabus, textbooks everything was in English. It would have been a hit to my confidence, but I gave it a try. After all, it’s just a language and not the measure of one’s intelligence. I started out learning myself and talking. It didn’t matter to me if the grammar was wrong or the pronunciation came out as different. I kept practicing. After a while, I started giving tuitions to students of 8th and 9th. It helped me to regain my confidence and the extra money was added advantage.

College got over and I got placed in MNC. The day I got my joining letter, was the happiest moment for all of my family. There is no looking back now. Whenever, I take office calls at home, my parents feel proud when they watch me talking in English with confidence. It was my parent’s faith and motivation in me that let me go this far. My younger brother looks up to me and I make sure to provide him what I didn’t have growing up. My family is my inspiration to work hard. I love my work. And look forward to improving my IT career by upskilling myself every day. I have learned all way my life that the whole purpose of life is to learn and make yourself better for tomorrow.

Total Work Experience : 2.5 Years(Mindtree)

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