Ufomba Precious

When I was 15, I graduated from my secondary school and was offered admissions in two reputed Nigerian Universities.

Three years later, I got an internship offer as Network Engineer. When I was of age 20, I got a job offer as junior Network Engineer, completed one year of service and on top of it I got an Internship offer as a Network security and communication intern.

My accomplishments are the ones that I hold onto, to move forward. People around me know me for my achievements. What do I feel like? Satisfied? Yes.. However, the journey was never easy.

Growing up, I wanted to pursue medical science. But my parents on the other side wanted me to opt for computer science. That is when differences in our opinions caught each other in halfway. I wanted to persuade them in letting me pursue medicine. Arguing for what I wanted sounded easy compared to the real time disputes. At last, I ended up taking computer lessons as per my parents’ visions to which I felt difficulty in adapting myself.

Though I broke down at times… although I might have looked like I was losing hope, I wanted to bring the best out of me in whatever I do. Since I was focused more on results, in school, I never felt well whenever I didn’t come first in the class. I was not satisfied with what turned out of my efforts. I understood those weren’t enough. The discontent kept mounting inside me. I always looked up to my friends who topped the class. I revised and re-revised my lessons to be one of them. I concentrated on becoming the best of what I have in my control. I aced my tests. I made sure to become the top of my class.

Do I have regrets? No. Am I satisfied? Oh yes, I am…

My parents are proud of me. Even today, we still have some differences in our opinions. But I feel more confident and empowered to follow my decisions.

Total Work Experience : 3 Years (Reliance Infosystems, Blueprint Business Technologies, Frontier Oil Ltd)

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