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It was the year 2017. I was fast asleep. I was utterly tired after returning from my office. Suddenly, a notification flashed on my mobile. It was a Whatsapp message. Curiously I opened it to see that it was from an anonymous person who was asking for some interview tips. His interview was scheduled the next day. He attended the interview and as expected it went well. After a week or so, this guy, Jay got selected in a good MNC and today he is working as a IT Professional in Bangalore.

Similarly, In 2018, I received phone call from a guy whose brother had to move to Gandhi Nagar for training the very next day. It was an unknown territory to both of us and he needed accommodation. It was a remote hunt as the guy had a shoe string budget. Luckily, I had my friends in Surat and Ahmedabad, that I had made during my stay in Gandhi Nagar because of office work. That day, they joined hands and found out a good place for accommodation in just a matter of hours.

As it’s rightly said, Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on Earth and I really feel that a small help to someone in need matters a lot.

From the childhood itself, I always felt that desire to help people to grow with the best possible way I could.

I remember an incident from the year 2015 which had always pushed me to help others to build their careers. I was on cloud nine after completing my graduation. Throughout the engineering journey, I had made friends with seniors, professors and outsiders. It was easy for me to befriend anyone in a positive way. After that, when I reached Pune to find a job, it was not less than a nightmare. All the savings from my scholarships had almost got over during those days. After many frustrating weeks, I got a call from my friend. Although he was having 15 years of work experience, he was very humble. In the month of September, he asked me to attend an interview. I was staying in Pune and the interview was scheduled in Nagpur. As I was left with no more money, this was my last stone to hit. I decided not to give up and made up my mind that if I failed to get the job this time, I would join some good training institute in Hyderabad to enhance my skills and later resume my search for a good job.

Somehow, I reached Nagpur, the venue was still 50 kms away from city center. Not Giving up and crossing all the hurdles, I reached that place, and believe me, I was nervous as hell. The interviewer appreciated the way I had followed with them for over a month to get this opportunity. Finally, all of my hardwork, struggles paid off and there was a silver line in my dark clouds when I received my offer letter, a week after the interview. I realized, that your efforts may take time to reflect but they will never be in Vain.

The job I had been offered involved a lot of travel. I loved it as I got a chance to see many places and interact with different people throughout India. These journeys also helped me get an insight on the requirements and the needs of many students and professionals seeking job assistance. As I am now, in a secured and stable workplace, I contacted many of my school mates, college friends and presented to them the idea of forming a job group. Initially they were reluctant but later they too felt the importance and joined in. And this is how the story of a phone book turning into a job portal started.

At first we were as few as 20 members. Now, we have grown to a family of 800 members collectively from 4 Whatsapp groups.

After we started, we had tried to reach out to HRs, then the managers. Given our efforts, today, around 200+ fresher and experienced candidates have got employed directly through our connections.

Besides this, members also get a chance to interact with seniors in the group.

When I look back in time, at the broken bicycle on that muddy road, when I met with an accident and I was not hurt because I was bleeding but because I had no money to repair my Bicycle, it feels some accidents don’t hurt you, they give you a lesson to stand up and resolve your own problems. And then this Universe too conspires in a beautiful way to help you in your journey. So I never ever give up in my life and keep hustling until I get whatever I am looking for.

Total Work Experience : 5.5 Years(TCS, HCL)

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