Amit Barnwal

Three and a half years ago, I got recruited by Infosys and moved to Mysore for my industrial training. Just like every other Infoscion who has been through training here, I too enjoyed my life as a trainee. It was a period filled with multiple assessments, consisting of two parts each. The result of one such assessment was not only way beyond my expectations, but also of all the examiners. They were delighted to see such good results in the batch as only a handful of them have ever received them! 

That was the day I went running to give this news to Ravi. In case you’re wondering who Ravi was, he was my educator/trainer, who eventually became a good friend of mine! Surprised? That’s the beauty of training at Infosys. Strangers, fellow trainees, educators, gym buddies, everyone becomes friends for life! The experience is like the one of college, but with a sweet touch of professionalism! 

Coming back to the assessment incident, I went to Ravi to tell him my result. Deep down, I knew that he would be much happier than me as our bond had developed as such. We had a small talk which resulted in me being coated with utmost confidence and a mindset that nothing could stop me from scoring better in the second part of the assessment. But, much to my surprise and disappointment, I did not perform well in it. I fell short by 0.5% to qualify and pass that assessment. I was shattered. I tried contacting and requesting my in-charge trainer to see if anything could be done then. All he ever said was, “If you can score what you have got now, that 0.5% isn’t going to be difficult for you to gain next time. You have another opportunity, make the most of it and I know you can earn it. There is no other help that I can do for you now.” 

After that call, I went straight to my room and slept. Sorrow, pain, and frustration were all that I could feel. I was so ashamed of myself that I had no courage to tell anyone about this incident. I completely avoided discussing the assessment with my friends, but they were quick to sense that something was wrong with me. I finally revealed to them that I hadn’t cleared my assessment. That 0.5% mattered a lot to me as that would decide my fate at Infosys. It isn’t just like having a backlog in engineering or degree which we could clear later, but it also means that if I don’t clear my assessments in the next attempt, I might as well lose my job! A whole lot of things were out at stake then. Hence, my fear, shame, and frustration rose by the day. 

A few days later, my friends managed to call me to one of the food courts for lunch. To my surprise, I found Ravi there, patiently waiting for me. With sadness, I told him about the turmoil I was going through. He then consoled me and said, “One does not fail until one has a chance. You have a second chance. You can use it. Make a plan and work on it. Someone is not always going to be there to pat your back, and in such times, don’t forget to do that yourself. Also, I’m expecting you to score above 80% in the next attempt.” 

Listening to him and his words, I was all charged up. Instead of sulking, I gave 100% of my efforts to attempt and clear the assessment. Finally, after a week, the day of the assessment arrived. I gave my best and left the exam hall. When the result was announced, I had scored 85%. That evening, I got a call from Ravi saying he wanted to meet me where we always met. As planned, I went to meet him. He asked about my assessment and result, but I played around and told him that I only got 75% and was happy about clearing it. I wanted to surprise him as he had told me of his expectation and knew I could do it as well. But he guessed something was fishy and I finally revealed that I scored 85%. At that moment, all I saw was his eyes filled with happiness and pride, for me.

Ever since then, Ravi has been an integral part of my life. If I’m Arjuna, then he’s my Krishna – my guide for life. All I would want to say is, “A good mentor will always help you shine, and I am grateful for having one!”

Total Work Experience : 3+ Years (Infosys)

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