Ayush Pagnis

That day, I was in the college canteen having lunch when my phone rang. I rushed toward my room and, without catching my breath, picked up the call. I recall that we didn’t speak much, but the quietness over the phone changed everything that day.

I was born in Dewas and, like other middle-class boys, had the aspiration to join IIT. To pursue that dream, I moved to Indore and started to live in a PG. I remember that day, I was studying in my room when I heard a voice and it was music to my ears, I sneaked out of my window and there she was, looking gorgeous, I was numb and lost in her eyes. At that moment, I felt that this girl meant something to me.

I failed in IIT advanced and decided to join VIT. I was leaving Indore with regret of not being able to confront my feelings toward her, but I convinced myself that this was how it would end. I moved to VIT and made new friends, but her thoughts were constant. In my fourth semester, when I had no hope, she sent me a request on Facebook, and I was so overwhelmed that it felt like a wedding invitation to me. We started our conversation, but after a long wait of six months, she finally called for the first time. Her voice was a relief to my heart, and it was the beginning of our journey together.

As time passed, I got a job, and we told our families about our relationship. They were happy and supported our decision. I moved to Delhi to join the office, and everything began to fall apart from there. My mind was taken over by the desire for independence. I started enjoying my life with my friends, neglecting her presence. This went on for months until she finally burst out and decided to end our relationship. I was shocked; at that moment, I realized that in pursuit of my happiness, I had almost left her alone.

But the situation became worse when, during COVID, I lost my job. It was so difficult to process that I thought about suicide. I was unemployed and depressed for nearly 7-8 months. I prepared for the MBA exam but miserably failed it. At that time, she was working and I was hopeless, but after one year of darkness, I got a new job. I called her and she cried with happiness because, during this whole time, she was struggling along with me, she was hiding her emotions so that I could be strong.

She could have left me in my darkest time, but she chose to be my light in it, and a few months back, when I was on my knees holding her hands, I promised her that I would be her companion for eternity.

Total Work Experience : 4 Years (Honeywell UOP , Sud chemie India pvt. ltd. )

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