Chandrankit Sharma

“Do it now or you won’t do it ever!” – I remember the words of my manager. It was about taking a tough decision; I wanted to be fair with my life. Finally, on 17th April 2018, I quit my job.
It all started when I was 7 and I got to watch 1st traditional magic show in my life. I got the kick for the first time! I desired to pursue magic. Later, my father invited a magician to dinner and I got to know about his magic tricks and skills. Slowly, it turned out to be something more than a simple interest! He took me under his wings; I assisted him in his shows and then, something exciting happened at that point in time. I performed my first ever magic show on stage at the age of 7 only!
Gradually, my love for this art turned into my skill. My fame spread all over the nation. Till class 10, I have done more than 500 magic shows in Himachal, Punjab, Gujarat, UP, MP, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra. As my 10th boards were near, like most of the mainstream Indian families, my parents, grandparents, none supported me to pursue this any further. I remember I could have done 2-3 shows before the final exam. Before the 12th exam approached, on 4th November 2010, my father announced on the stage – “This is the last show of my son.” Everything changed from thereon. I moved on to pursue my education.
As opposed to the early days, magic didn’t exist for me in college life. Although I took part in many extracurricular activities then, I never opted for magic. Maybe, it was because of my shy attitude, or maybe sometimes I didn’t want others to know about my love for magic. Being a gold medallist of my batch, I got placement offers from Infosys but I never wanted to go for it. I was in a conflict– passion or profession? Then my uncle said – “If you want to do something on your own then first know how to work and how to make others work.” It clicked for me and I joined Infosys in June 2016 just to experience the corporate culture. But the hardest decision was yet to come. Almost 20 months later, I felt like this is not what I wanted to do. I never wanted to become an IT techie or something like that. “Why am I still doing this?” I told my manager about quitting this job and following my passion. To my surprise, he supported me!
On 17th of April, 2018 I quit my job. Everyone in the family was against this decision. I didn’t return home for 5 months. I asked my parents for one year period to take a chance in my passion. But I spent a whole year just to figure out what exactly I wanted to do and how I would proceed.
But from then to now, performing shows for corporate giants like Google, TataSky, and many more, I have crossed a long journey. Ups and downs are part of struggle. I got my first break when I staged a show for the Indian Navy and people really enjoyed it!
You know, the 1st big things in life are always something you can never quantify. When lockdown happened in 2020, I got stuck in my way to achievements. Everything seemed still for that time but slowly I moved up, made up my virtual studio, and have conducted many more virtual shows till date.
I do magic because I am passionate about it not because I could only do this thing for bread or fame. I am always trying to create an experience for people which is something beyond science and abnormal and that can only be felt by the art of magic. You don’t get into magic, magic gets into you.

Total Work Experience : 1.5 Years (Infosys)

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