Dishti Patel

Everyone wants a true companion in their lives and I was lucky enough to find it when I was just 16 years old. Our love story started when I was struggling through my studies, since boards were approaching. and it was then this cupid’s arrow had struck me. I didn’t get deviated from my studies, instead I got more focused. And since then, it has been my soulmate helping me out through thick and thin.
If you are thinking why I am referring my love as “it” and not as a physical person because the soulmate I am talking about is “chai”.

When I moved out of my home for studies I didn’t have any friends. I would feel lonely and tea stalls were my escape. I would go there alone, sit quietly and have the best of my time. It used to work as a stress-buster for me. I also befriended the uncle who owned the little shop near my hostel and he would always make his special tea for me. Whenever I would feel bored or in

self-doubt, the tea stall became my go-to place. Magically, all the negativity would just vanish and I would start feeling myself. I would go to the tea stall many times a day and mostly alone. That’s where I met a boy from my college. We bonded over our love for tea and started dating after a while. Our favorite thing was to go on exploring the best tea stalls in Ahmedabad.

As time passed, the relationship didn’t go well and we called it quits. And it was “Tea” that came to my rescue to pull through the break-up phase. I resumed my practice of going alone to tea stalls and whenever I would feel sad, I would just chat with myself. I concentrated on my studies and got a Job in IT sector. First job is always special to everyone out there and so it was for me as well. I was learning the nuances of technology and the nitty-grit details of IT. Along with following the coding standards there was a cultural shift too. Coffee is regarded as the best friend of IT folks helping them stretch the work hours to finish the deliverables. So, that was the time I started having coffee. But my love for tea never faded. People usually provide options like chai or coffee? Why not both?

Though for Coffee I never felt the kind of love that I have for Tea. Also, I am blessed with people in my life who make the best Chai. When I used to be at home, it was my mom and now its my roommate. So, no matter how exhaustive the day would have been, I
am greeted with Chai and it instantly makes me feel better.

Total Work Experience : 3.5 Years(Meditab Software)

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