Jayanti Kathale

I was working as a software engineer in Infosys. Being in the role of a manager, I often traveled outside India for project-related work. While staying outside India, it used to be very difficult to find a restaurant that serves vegetarian food.

When my husband went to work on a project in Paris, he wrote a letter to me, which addresses that he misses “Marathi food”. I used to cook at home but that was not easy due to the rigorous office work in the company. But the need for Maharashtrian food felt more than ever during this time. That’s when I started researching the menus in various restaurants, the foods served there, and multiple different things. I then started a restaurant which specializes in authentic Maharashtrian cuisine. It started small from HSR layout in Bengaluru in the year 2012. People loved the Maharashtrian food outside the state as such food varieties were nowhere to be found earlier. The cuisine and culture made a positive impact and now Purnabramha has 14 branches spread across India, the US, and Australia.

To avoid food wastage, we provide a 5% discount to the customers who do not leave anything on the plate and charge 2% extra for the customers who left food on the plate. Parents loved this initiative and asked to charge so that the children should not waste food. During the nationwide lockdown due to pandemic, we distributed food to one lakh people across Karnataka. We also offered discounts at all branches of her restaurant chain.

I am fortunate to speak at TED Talks and inspire many others through our success journey which blended culture and authentic cuisine in a bond. Running the largest Maharashtrian restaurant, we are happy to serve you delicious and authentic tastes of the region.

Total Work Experience : 13 Years (Infosys)


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