Moumita Chatterjee

I joined the IT sector in 2011, and Infosys in 2016. After joining, I stumbled upon the news of the clubs in Infosys. While on the bench, I happened to participate in an audition for the fashion club. It was something that I had never tried before and was an amazing experience! Soon after, in 2017, I participated in a fashion show for the first time in my life and was well appreciated. This, unlike how I was before, gave me a lot of confidence. Later, I joined photography clubs and started doing photoshoots on the weekends. It did build traction too! I even tried modeling because it is static, unlike fashion shows that need ramp walking.

All of this was far from how I was in my childhood. Being a chubby and slightly overweight kid, I never had the confidence to try any of these activities. But my pictures gaining traction really helped. I started working out and then reached out to agencies to try my luck with acting. I knew it takes a lot of money and time, but finally, it didn’t work out.

The best part was when I got to work with a fashion designer and learned more to build my career. I started doing photoshoots on weekends. My mom doesn’t approve of what I do, so I sometimes make excuses for the photoshoots. Only two people support me a lot throughout, one is my fiancé, and the other is my best friend. They approve my photographs and encourage me to push myself forward in what I am doing. SME is a renowned international academy for makeup artists. I have done photoshoots for them when they call for the practice of their students. On the contrary, workshops irritate me because all the photographers surround and take pictures. Being the only breadwinner for the family, they would not let me leave my present job and move completely into modeling.

It becomes a little difficult to take time off from the office for photoshoots but at the same time, I love being involved in it. If I can fin my big break, I will keep the current profession on hold and move completely into modeling. However, my two cents to all the aspirants in this field would be that they should explore enough before jumping directly into the field.

Total Work Experience : 9 Years (Infosys)

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