Nimish Meena

One incident that literally changed my whole perspective on life was a trip to Kedarnath.


My obsession with traveling comes from my parents, as we were regular companions of Rishikesh. All my life revolved around finding new and adventurous things in nearby cities, like Indore, Jabalpur etc. I even opted for my job in this journey to explore as much as I can.


It was during the pandemic when I was very frustrated with my job and needed a break from regular life. So I caught training from Jabalpur to Delhi. After reaching Delhi, I got to know that the Uttrakhand govt has restricted entry for all tourists. It was a confusing climax of my trip because now my parents were also skeptical about going there because of new rules imposed.


Somehow, I took blessings from one of my guruji, and fortunately only after a few hours, I got news that tourists were now allowed to visit Kedarnath. It was such a fulfilling moment for me, and it boosted me to proceed my journey. I reached Rishikesh in the morning after taking a bus from Delhi, and continuing the same, I didn’t take halt there and went along to reach Gaurikund. Only after reaching there, the main trek can be started for Kedarnath temple.


Everything around mountains, dense forest, the epic history of recreation and destruction of valleys was in front me. But I didn’t know that I took the road less taken, and diverged myself to an extremely rugged path where there were no street lights and chilled weather was on peak. I was tensed to take even a single step, because of the uncertainty of landslides. But the ray of hope was shown when I saw the same guruji’s ashram on that road beside Hanuman gufa. I followed the light and reached there. It was such a welcoming gesture by the ashram community, that I actually regained my faith in adverse conditions.


This incident became an inspiration for me to follow my heart and soul for the thing that I love the most. There will be hard knocks for sure, but after tackling it, it will become an awesome memory for a lifetime.

Total Work Experience : 3 Years (ACC Ltd.)

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