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“देर आये दुरुस्त आये” – this means “Slow and steady wins the race”. However, for me it meant – “Slow and steady, wins mind and health “
When I was in my 20s, I had grown chubby. It was then I decided to do away with normal habits and shift to healthier ones.
Like any other normal family, my parents were well aware about everything I loved to eat. Like me, they were not concerned about the weight I was putting on at the age of 18.

I don’t know why or how… something triggered me in a positive way. I contemplated about the eating habits I was having for last 8 to 12 years. Diet is one of the prime daily essentials, but not taking care of it was hampering my health. Hence with this realization I progressed slowly and steadily with the daily diet exercises. Being slow and steady allowed me to stay focused. Even today, I follow the same process in my professional life.

After initiating the transformational process, from November 2012, I lost almost 12 kg within a couple of months. This was a milestone for me. My perseverance, patience and daily physical exercises with balanced diet paid off. I also started cycling and I have been continuing for last 12 years.

I have been sticking to gym and balanced diet plan and following it religiously for more than 7- 8 yrs. As I saw the changes in myself, I started motivating my peers and my friends with same ideology. Even during post COVID -19 pandemic phase, I made sure cycling, walking and basic indoor physical exercises never stopped. The motivation never went down. I even chalked down my personal schedule in the most flexible way.

My transformation even changed my mother’s outlook about the diet; she has started believing in eating healthy, natural food rather than having more chemically processed foods. Today, she makes sure I do not deviate from my strict schedules.
Apps like HealthifyMe and StepSetGo also helped me to maintain my health by tracking my daily physical exercises.
I am currently in IT industry. Given the conditions, I think I can continue to check my fitness religiously. I believe physical exercise and properly maintained diet plans have a positive imprint on our health. It’s better to have stable finances rather than having them jeopardized for medical treatment. As the saying goes – “You cannot enjoy wealth, if you are not in good health”

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