Rajashree Nayak

I have always been a foodie and when the pandemic hit, I was more scared of not being able to devour the amazing food from outside, than the virus itself. No weekend plans, no more food deliveries, craving to eat good food gave birth to @raj_c__deligram. With the bare minimal appliance/ crockery that I had at my home, I used to plan the week ahead, and order the groceries online according to it. After watching a couple of YouTube video of the dish of liking, reading blog tips to find an alternative ingredient, I started cooking. This one time, I planned to make Pizza. I didn’t have the basic things like Oven, Yeast or Pizza sauce at home, so after some research on how to make an oven out of the basic kadhai, alternatives to yeast and sauce, came out a tasty delicacy.

With the tasty delicacy, came the urge to share the dish with friends and family. After cooking and documenting some more dishes, I decided to start my own page, connect with like-minded food pages, inspire and get inspired from each other’s post. My food family has been growing. People seem to like my simple and homely techniques that I share. I was getting recognized by many famous food bloggers. The recipe that caught attention was KFC styled chicken, which I made totally from scratch. It was an extensive recipe, which took weeks of planning, before cooking it. It was featured in many pages including famous north Indian food page @freshfeast_.

I have cooked many more delicacies like Barbecue styled Cajun Baby Potatoes, Pizza Dosa in my home, and I still wish to cook more dishes, grow my page, meet and connect with more like minded foodies and spread the message that, why to go outside to have this famous dish, when you can make it in home easily, healthy and save some money that the foreign outlets charge us.

Total Work Experience : 5 Years (Infosys)

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