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Srividya & Vamshi Krishna


It was the occasion of Pelichuplu – when the boy’s family visit the girl’s family to decide on the marriage. We had only expected Vamsi to be with his parents. “Aka, there are four boys!!! Who’s the one supposed to see you?” – I was sitting in my room, when my cousin stormed inside, breaking this news to me. I was shocked.

This had happened in the year 2018. I was in 3rd year, pursuing my bachelor’s in technology. I know… it was too soon then… even amma agreed. Both of us wanted that I should complete my studies before we thought about my marriage. Yet it was on my aunt’s request, we had given a second thought.

Of the four boys, there was one guy who was a lot shy. He was looking down. He was Vamsi. It was his parents who did all the conversation. Then came a time when his parents asked me to sing. I sang a devotional song. They were impressed. What had I not expected that they were competitive!!! “Our boys can also sing” – Vamsi’s mother had exclaimed. 

Before we could realize it, the whole affair had outgrown into an Antaksari. I noticed… when I sang a song from a movie, Vamsi blushed. I remember every moment that had happened.


I wasn’t aware of this match-fixing. I was on a US trip when my parents decided on a match for me. My parents said it was a suitable match. However, I had a different opinion. I had kind of decided not to marry any girl from Hyderabad. I had a notion that the current generation was without emotions, less empathetic… Well, Srividya was an exception!!!


Somehow we ended Antaksari (laughs). “If it is fine, both of you can go to another room… to have some conversation” – our parents had suggested us. I had thought it would be no more than 15 minutes but surprisingly we had talked for 1 hour. Out of surprise, our parents had entered the room to check what was happening. It was hilarious! It was after when they left, I broke the news – “I am ready to marry Vamsi”


I liked the way Sri emphasized family and family values. I hadn’t even tried to look at her until we were in the room and she addressed me respectfully. For the first time, I was meeting a girl of her age, being so respectful and sober. That very moment, all my business vanished. I had other concerns, but they were unnecessary.


We got married on 29th December 2018. After that, I had to stay back at home to complete my studies. It was like we were in a long-distance relationship… for 1.5 years. Well, after our marriage we had met on Valentine’s day. Vamsi was in Vizag to surprise me. We were in the movie theatre. It was then I was thrilled to see Valentine’s day wishes for me on the movie screen!!! Vamsi had got everything planned out!


A long time has passed since our marriage. When anyone meets us, they get the impression that our marriage was a love marriage. It is funny, but I was glad, they feel it that way. When we weren’t together, the usual quarrels, laughter, discussions – all happened over the call. It wasn’t easy. But I am glad we pulled it off.

Recently we had our third marriage anniversary… And we are growing stronger every day.


Total Work Experience : 1.3 & 7 Years (Capgemini & Netscore Technologies)

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