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Recode Studios

Recode’s team is a group of seasoned cosmetic experts, passionate and committed to drive excellence in the beauty and personal care industry. They have been instrumental in combining quality with creativity in each product they offer to bring about a Universal Studio Arte in the Industry. Their expertise lies in handling the designs, production and business management of cosmetic products  across the globe runs into a decade now, they see themselves as the energy leaders spearheading the need for bringing premier quality products to their customers. Their association with the leading manufacturers from across the globe, majorly Germany and France has boosted their confidence further to promise a product quality which is beyond excellence.

Business Model of Recode Studios

Recode Studios uses D2C (Direct to Consumer) model. The brand prioritizes the needs of its customers and offers to be available via different channels, including social media, WhatsApp and toll-free numbers. Since the beginning the founding members had their target set on capturing both the online and offline market. To date, the brand has been able to cover North and Central India, and going forward it plans to make a niche for itself in the Southern parts of the nation through their online presence, for which they have launched the application of Recode Studios on Android as well as iOS to capture the complete domestic market of cosmetics.

Humans of IT Companies Recode Studio Founders
Recode Studios Co-Founders Neetu Bansal , Shalini Trehan, PreetiTrehan, Shelly Bansal and Rahul Sachdeva

Type of Start-up – Cosmetics, Beauty, Online shopping


Business Model – D2C (Direct to Consumer)

Based out of – Ludhiana

Total Employees – 25-38


Currently, Recode has more than 20 brands selling their products on its Official Website and Application. Recode Studios has a target to collaborate with more than 100 brands by the year end. Its goal is to serve the entire domestic market with the diverse range of cosmetic and skincare products by introducing innovative products and collaborating with other domestic brands to make its application a One-Stop Destination to fulfill all the makeup requisites. 

Humans of IT Companies recode products
Recode studios products

Core Values

“There had been a phase when we lost hope and were about to shut the business as we were just supplying the products in cosmetic stores which had their shutters closed during the lockdown. We had no market to sell our products. It was then when we realized to adapt to the “sell from home ” culture and thereafter, we opened our official website Within a couple of months, we received tremendous love for our products and our sales started to rise again.  It was then when we decided not to settle for less and today, Recode is not just a regular cosmetic brand, Recode Studios is now an E-commerce platform with its application on both IOS and Android. Recode has become the leading cosmetic brand catering to the huge market segment in the cosmetic industry. “

Future Goals

Recode Studios is expanding to become the nation’s largest platform to sell beauty and skincare products from different brands. Collections from Indulgeo Essentials, Richa Dave, KleenOWipe, Riyo Herbs, Zobha, London Pride Cosmetics and many more are already available at Recode Studios’s official website and the brand aims to get over 100 brands on board by the year end to sell their products via their portal in 2021.

Online shopping aids people to order from the comfort of their home and the current situation has given an added advantage to the E-commerce portals in the consumer supply chain to boost revenue. With various collaborations and inviting more domestic brands to sell their products on Recode’s portals, the day isn’t far when this brand will outshine itself to become the most convenient E-commerce cosmetic platform serving all the domestic and international products at a single platform.

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