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UpGrad is India’s largest company that provides higher education in many fields. It offers higher education through various programs in Technology, Law, Management and Data Science. There are no specifications for the students, anyone can sign up for these programs. The most amazing thing about UpGrad is that it offers courses in collaboration with one of the best universities like IIT Madras, Jindal Global Law School, Liverpool John Moores University, NMIMS Global Access and Duke CE etc. UpGrad is a great opportunity to the ones who want to gain knowledge for sake of just knowing which brings out the real success.It was founded by Ronnie Screwvala, Mayank Kumar, Phalgun Kompalli, and Ravijot Chugh in the year 2015.

UpGrad has a very strong upholding in the Indian education system. It is all set to achieve definite career success for everyone from the global working environment. It offers an 85% completion rate for programs, industry-relevant curriculum, placement support, result-based learning opportunities, and significant mentorship to its members. On a universal scale, UpGrad has over 40,000 paid active users at present accompanying an influence on over a million.

Humans of IT Companies upGrad
upGrad Co-founders

Business Model of UpGrad

UpGrad runs on a reasonably effective business model holding a two-way approach between the scholars and also the educators so as to make a bright future together. In other words, this platform acts because the bridge between the tutorial institutions and also the candidates to achieve the most effective knowledge and proficiency. The tutorial institutions offer their program courses in several subjects through the UpGrad app still because the website at reasonable prices. The candidates who have an interest within the offered courses, register themselves on UpGrad by filling out the essential eligibility criteria fixed by the institution. It also employs professional guides who would enrol the professional candidates in their courses. This forms a two-way business approach that helps UpGrad in completing its ultimate goals and brings out a convenient way for companies to hire people with potential.

Uniqueness of the business model of UpGrad

The one thing unique about Upgrad’s business model is that it’s not like every other education-technology company with educational videos and content. UpGrad is that the leading platform providing the expertise and skill of entrepreneurs moreover as professionals. It offers a lot of student-based services and always brings out remarkable results. UpGrad is functioning towards quite 15 new courses that will be included within the programs and are prepared to expand its locations globally.

Humans of IT Companies Upgrad office
upGrad Office in Bangalore

Type of Startup – Edtech.

Total Funding – $149.5 Million.

Headquarters – Mumbai, India.

Future Goals

Global edtech firm UpGrad has a plan of hiring over 1,000 people in India, across branches to address the growing demand of the company. Prospects will be across departments like Learning Experience, Delivery, Marketing, and Program, along with sales which will remain the chief one. The fresh sales recruits will work in a Temporary Safe Workplace Bubbles across 5-star hotels properties in Mumbai and Bangalore, which will further outspread to cities like Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata.

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